MAKS is a rock project from the Netherlands, initiated by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Maks A.
Maks finished his first album "3Ft No Diving" in July 2017. He was assisted by a number of fellow artists, such as guitar player, musical sparring partner and long-time friend Peter Barnouw, dutch guitar hero Jeroen van Tuijl and Kentucky based guitar virtuoso Tommy Stillwell.
In 2013 Maks spent four weeks being the stand-in drummer with the dutch rock band JVT Band. They toured the USA from Calumet in Michigan to Clarksdale in Mississippi.
Musically, this trip opened his eyes and made him decide to write, record and produce his own songs.
Maks was heavily influenced by David Bowie, Iggy Pop and 1980’s new wave artists, such as Magazine, Ultravox and Gary Numan.
He describes his musical style being a mix of the music of this period and the music he came to appreciate in a later stage of life: blues- and country-rock.
To be more precise, artists such as John Mellencamp, the Black Crowes and -very recently- the Black Keys bear Maks’ Seal Of Approval :)
Maks is now back in his home studio and has started recording the tracks for his second full length album.
He hopes his activities will launch a career in the music business :)

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