Wed 01 November 2017
Nice! I have to make a some spoken intro's for two radio stations: one specific for "The Gods in my Head" and a general one. So, something like "Hi, I am Maks and you're listening to..."
I kinda like that... Sounds childish, but it makes me feel appreciated and even a bit proud :)
When finished I will post them here...

Tue 31 October 2017
So I had this plan of having a blog on my website... Yea, right :)
"Why not?" should have been the argument, in my case it's more like "Why?"...
Do I really want to let the world know what I'm up to? And is there anyone out there that actually cares about the fact that I "share"?
Oh, well, what the heck... Let's just doooohoooo-it!
Whenever I feel I am doing something worthwhile, I will scribble it down on this page. If somebody reads it, great and if nobody reads it, that's fine too :)
For now, over & out!

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