In 2013 Maks spent four weeks being the stand-in drummer with Dutch bluesrock band JVT Band. They toured the USA from the Upper Peninsula to Memphis...
For personal promotion purposes on this trip Maks compiled his own CD "Winter in Vegas". This CD contains some of the tracks he had been working on earlier in 2012...


2015. THE HEART MACHINE (promotional edition)
In 2015 five tracks were remixed and put on CD for promotion purposes. Unfortunately these tracks are not to be traced down anymore. Oh well... ;)

  • The Gods in my Head
  • Last Thing on your Mind
  • Waiting for the Man
  • A Fistful of Nothing
  • Winter In Vegas

2015. THE HEART MACHINE (commercial EP)
Two tracks were re-remixed and uploaded to Apple iTunes. Exciting! It is quite safe to buy :)

  • Last Thing on your Mind
  • The Gods in my Head

It was bound to happen: "3Ft No Diving", the first full-length CD by MAKS.
Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Maks. Mastered by Hans Pieters.
Digitally distributed to (a.o):
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"Real" CDs kan be ordered as well... Postage included, within The Netherlands, they cost €12. Postage included to other countries they cost €13.
PayPal transactions accepted. Please send an email to info@maksagency.com.

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  • The Gods in my Head
  • Stones in my Passway
  • Critical Mess
  • Last Thing on your Mind
  • Look at You
  • Xhair
  • Waiting for the Man
  • Winter in Vegas
  • Snow

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